What is Unity?

A Positive Path for Spiritual Living.

Unity is a practical, progressive approach to spiritual connection, based on the power of prayer.

Unity honors the universal wisdom in all religions, respecting an individual’s right to choose their own path. Our services and classes focus on the teachings of Jesus, as well as Buddha, Gandhi and many other wise teachers.

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What is Unity Spiritual Center of Coastal Delaware all about?

It's like "Coming Home!"

This is the sentiment many feel, and often express, when visiting a Unity Center for the first time. When you visit for the first time you will receive a warm welcome and a welcome packet. The packet contains a lot of information about Unity, a Unity publication and other materials. During your first visit you will hear that your presence is so welcome, and that you are not expected in any way to participate in the collection of the love offerings. It is our expression of appreciation for you.

We incorporate inclusiveness, inspiration, innovation, creativity, community and service in everything we do.

The Sunday Services are a celebration of life and community; the messages provoke a deeper understanding of our life and the connection to others and gives everyone the inspiration to fulfill that drive within us to be thoughtful, kind, hopeful and helpful.

Please take the time to look at our events and outreach activities. There are opportunities to learn, to utilize your skills, to express your love and faith, and to help those around us.