Outreach, helping at a food bank, the word Unity, and a highway cleanup crew.

Outreach opportunities..  Join in the Activities and the Fun of doing something for a cause!

Our Unity Spiritual Center loves outreach and participates in numerous activities. 

Our outreach activities include monthly activities such as:

1. Collecting items for people who serve in the armed forces.

2. Addressing food insecurity issues with children. "Fill their lunch boxes" and "Backpack Meals for The Students".

3. Collecting food items for local animal shelters and supporting the SPCA.

4. Collecting food and home products for local foodbanks.

5. Gifting stuffed animals filled with Love to those in hospice.

6. Flags for Heroes.

7. Collecting food and personal items for those who are temporarily without a home. Higher Ground Outreach in Georgetown: www.HigherGroundOutreachInc.org

8. Sign up to provide a meal at Higher Ground Outreach at Higher Ground Outreach Inc: Higher Ground House Food (signupgenius.com).


Our weekly Wednesday email lists the current recipient of our local tithe. If you would like to be on our Wednesday email, please Message Us.