40 Days of Letting Go

Prosperity Project and Lent:

40 Days of Letting Go - A Spiritual Practice for Lent.

For many people 2023's Lent goes from Wednesday February 22nd to Saturday April 8th. So that's from Ash Wednesday to the day before Easter. 

So how is that 40 days? Well, we don't count Sundays, and it is just generally accepted to use 40 due to various biblical references.

Easter is a time of renewal, and let us celebrate life by renewing our inner self. Do you need to release a particular habit or action, or perhaps something that's on "replay" in your mind?

Then please join us in our "Prosperity Project".   

And are we really giving up something for this time period? We can look at it that way, but we can also look at it as a period of giving - steady, daily setting aside something to contribute - representing what we are releasing internally.

It can be any daily amount you choose. All is good. This is a heartfelt choice.

For those who would like to participate, let Leroy and Dan know by using the Message Us Page. We'll connect with you along the way, and as we approach Easter. 

Unity Store has free printed and downloadable versions of "40 Days of Letting Go: Lent 2023".  

We're looking forward to hearing from you. It is a privilege to take this journey with you.