Sunday Morning Celebration "In The Flow of Life" series

In The Flow of Life book cover

Sunday Celebration, 10 to 11 AM. 

Sunday Morning Celebration Services are in person. The Services are live-streamed to Facebook on the first, third and fifth Sundays of the month. So you can attend in person or view the service from home.

The services on the second and fourth Sundays of the month are Soul-to-Soul services and will be in-person only. These services will be more personal with a circular seating setup where we will explore, share, sing, support and celebrate in a safe setting. 

The "In The Flow of Life" series is a special, six-week series based on Eric Butterworth's book of the same name. There is an accompanying book discussion group each subsequent Thursday evening (also on our Calendar). 

The Sunday series is as follows:

Week 1 JANUARY 29: Sunday message: "Walk On", The discovery of the flow of life is the greatest awakening of consciousness we can achieve. Staying in the flow allows us to find The Good in every seemingly hopeless situation, receive the wealth of the universe and live from within-out. with special guest speaker Rev Sandra Butler.

Week 2 FEBRUARY 5: Sunday message: "In the Flow of Wholeness" Chapter 1, “Living From Within-Out" and Chapter 2, “The Healing Stream” with Kathy Dickman

Week 3 FEBRUARY 12:  Soul to Soul Sunday: "Conscious Conversation on Race" with Leroy White and Reverend Karen Laughman

Week 4 FEBRUARY 19:  Sunday message:  "Getting Along and Wellspring of Giving" Chap 5 “The Art of Getting Along” and In the flow of giving, Chap 6 “The Wellspring of Giving” with Donna Lee

Week 5 FEBRUARY 26 Soul to Soul message: "In the Flow of Change", Chap 8 “To Grow Old or Grow Onward” with Reverend Karen Laughman

Week 6 MARCH 5 Sunday message: "In the Flow of Life", Chap 9 “Life, Death, and Rebirth”, with special guest speaker Rev Sandra Butler.

Sunday Service starts at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST). The service lasts about an hour, followed by sharing and fellowship. Dress is casual and comfortable. We invite families to attend Sunday Services with their children in the sanctuary as we do not have a separate youth education program.

Our location is 98 Rudder Rd, next to the Sea Esta Motel, on Long Neck Road (1 block past Grotto's Pizza). Unity Spiritual Center is on the left side at the intersection of Long Neck Road and Rudder Road, Long Neck, Delaware. (our mailing address is Millsboro, Delaware)

We look forward to being with you. Blessings to you