Our Spiritual Leader

Sandy at lectern.

Hello Dear Ones,

I’m Sandy Souder, the Licensed Unity Teacher at the Unity Spiritual Center of Coastal Delaware. After a career teaching physical education at all grade levels in Pennsylvania, I became inspired in what I saw in young people, how we all grow, and I wanted to take a deeper look into life, opening my mind to a deeper perspective. What is Spirit, Soul, God, Life? Who was and is Jesus? How can we gain a better understanding of our religious history and the Bible?

It has been my desire to aid others in their quest for understanding what the meaning of their life - what their relationship with others is about, and what their relationship with their Higher Power, their Divine Spirit, their God, their Christ, might be.

The Unity Principles, along with our Vision, Mission and Values are expressed on this website. They form the basis for our path. Please take the time to read them and the information on what Unity is for all of us.

My path was to take this personal search and share it with others. Becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher was of course a very significant part of that work. It took several years of study, reflection and dissertations and exams. In a moment of inspiration, I decided to relocate to Delaware. I started a book club, held classes and was encouraged by those around me to take the leap and start a ministry. With the support of many wonderful people a ministry was born. A steering committee was formed and by August of 2014 the first Sunday Service was held. 

Sunday Services are a celebration of who we are and what we can become. We believe in the power of prayer. Prayer, meditation, thoughtfulness, inclusiveness and personal growth expand our life experience. We believe in the worth and dignity of every human being. We invest in ourselves and each other on this spiritual path. It is a blessing.  Contact me here.