Event Highlights

Group clapping, the word Unity and singer performing.



A Thank You...

Thank you for viewing our Sunday Service videos on the Unity Spiritual Center of Coastal Delaware Facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/www.unityspiritualcenterofcoastalde.org .   You can also connect to all of the archived videos by using the links provided on the Video Library Page (in the Sunday Services Dropdown Menu).

We love it when you comment on Facebook*. And there are other ways you can connect with us at the Unity Spiritual Center. Use our "Message Us" form to provide feedback or even ask questions about any service and suggest future topics. 

We are looking forward to celebrating with you and celebrating you!

We want to keep our Unity community strong during this time. We can help each other stay spiritually connected, especially as we now transition from online-online only Sunday Services to in-person Sunday Services. You can be there in person, and still watch the video of the Service on Facebook.


Unity Classes...

There are all types of classes available to the community. You can find them on the Calendar Page.

Of special interest are the classes that everyone needs in order to become a member. How best to fully join the Unity community than by becoming a member? The Unity Basics class and the Lessons in Truth class are prerequisites to becoming a member. Watch the Calendar or inquire about potential future classes by using the Message Us page.

A highly recommended class is Foundations of Unity, a series. Who recommends all these classes? Everyone who has taken them. Go to the Calendar to see when these classes are offered.

If you've taken these classes and want a refresher, here's your opportunity. Your life experiences since you first took these courses will contribute so much to your understanding when you take these classes again.


Unity Spiritual Center's 7th Anniversary Celebration - August 8th, 2021 11:00 - 1:00...

We were especially grateful for this opportunity to celebrate our 7th Anniversary - many events were placed on hold over the previous 1 1/2 years. We opened for in-person Sunday Services in June, and now we're going to continue to celebrate together. 

The Anniversary Celebration was a huge success.

Unity Spiritual Center's Congregation Meeting - September 19th, 11:00 - 12:00...

The Congregation Meeting is a very important meeting. Sandy and the Board Members presented the status of our community and where we're going. New Board Members were elected - the President and the Treasurer had completed their term. And there are Member-at-Large openings available to whomever would like to follow through on the Fifth Principle in this way.

Unity Spiritual Center's Christmas Eve, Burning Bowl and White Stone Services - ...

Read the USC's Wednesday email for details on the 12/24 Christmas Eve Service (prerecorded and on FaceBook), the 12/26 Burning Bowl Service (releasing) and the Jan 2nd White Stone Service (choosing a special word and writing a note to our future selves).


Future Events on Zoom...

Please note that we will continue to provide some of our classes/events on Zoom. The Unity Spiritual Center has started to reopen, always in accordance with State guidelines while listening to your concerns about health and safety.

So for those who haven't tried out Zoom yet, try the links below and be comfortable using Zoom. Use the LINKS below for instructions on using ZOOM.

How to Join A Zoom Meeting

How To Access Zoom

Anyone wanting HELP with Zoom can call the office number (302-934-5253) or use the Message Us feature.
We will reply and schedule a time for a Zoom basic lesson. We want you to feel comfortable with the technology and most importantly, stay connected with your Unity Spiritual family.